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Mr Bush - Testimonial

This was a 4kw system installed in Stapleford, Cambridgeshire.

”There are several reasons why I would recommend Fenland solar, some of them resulting from experiences with other solar companies.

Initially, I was impressed with the salesman who quoted a competitive price and calculated the expected returns based on the size of our roof, its direction and angle etc within the guidelines for average sunshine. A subsequent phone call to the "backroom boys” reinforced my initial impressions as they had clearly done considerable research into the quality of the equipment, thus maximising the potential returns.

The surveyor was very knowledgeable and discussed at length precisely how the system would be installed. The fitters were efficient and explained throughout what was being done, reinforcing Fenland’s claim to be using the best quality materials. There was good communication between the salesman, the surveyor and the fitters.

Fenland issued the registration certificate promptly and offered advice on the Feed-in Tariff registration process, advice which resulted in a satisfactory outcome.

The KWh’s generated so far have exceeded the predicted returns.”