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Mr Gardener - Testimonial

This is a 4kw System on a south facing roof.

Location: March in Cambridgeshire

4kw south facing roof - Gardner”I would be happy to recommend Fenland Solar to anyone thinking of having solar panels fitted to their roof. I talked to a number of firms before choosing Fenland Solar and at one time thought of giving up on the idea but the opportunity of taking electricity from the sky could not be ignored .

I was impressed with the smooth execution once the paper work was completed and very happy with the way, first the scaffolders, and then the electricians swung into action I was even more impressed when I saw my electricity meter going into reverse action. I do not fully understand how it all works but I can see that I have generated an average of 16 units each day since the panels were connected and whilst I realise that all days may not be as sunny as I would like It seems to me that this has been one of my best investments to date. And I know that my electricity account will be ameliorated during the years ahead.

I know that I am fortunate to have a roof large enough to take 16 panels and facing south I also feel fortunate that I found Fenland Solar.”